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Adopt a PKM
You start the game with 2,500 coins, which let you buy your first PKM. To win more coins you must win some battles or buy them in our 'More Coins' tab.
Travel around the world
To move around, simply click on the map located on your right, then click on the place you want to visit. There are different types of locations:
  || Arena: Challenge opponents here!
  || Shop: Buy helpful items here..
  || PKM Center: Heal your injured or K.O'd PKM here!
  || Your House: Your account information is located here..
  || Daycare: Leave your PKM here when you go on vacation!
  || Meeting Point: Chat with other members who are online.
  || Secret Room: Location that allows you to win coins... and other things…!
P.S. If you place your PKM here while on vacation, they will not lose 5% life everyday while you are gone..
PKM Center is free of charge once a day. If you wish to use there more than once daily, you must pay 200 coins.
Based on a system of chance, you may not have too much to do. However, you have to consider several factors. - The higher the level of your PKM, the greater chance you have to win (For example: It is easier for a PKM level 5 to win against a PKM level 2). - The types of PKM played have large role as well (For example: A Water PKM has a better chance to win against a Fire PKM). - The Legendary PKM will always be luckier than the others. (For example: Articuno level 5 will have a better chances to win against Rattata level 5).
Mastering all the types of PKM
To become a PKM master, study the Table of Types ofPokémon Power.
Get experience and money
There is only one way to gain experience: fighting!!! In fact, the more you battle with your PKM, the more experience they gain. You will also win some while fighting, using the Secret Room, or by buying an Allopass.
The ranking is split in four categories : - Ranking by PKM - Ranking by Trainer - Ranking by Clan - Ranking by Coins The main purpose of the game is to become first in the ranking.
Shiny PKM
Shiny PKM are very rare. These are an improved version of normal PKM. For example... A battle between a Charmander (level 1) against a Shiny Charmander (level 1). The Shiny Charmander, will be more likely to win this fight. You need to be very lucky to catch a Shiny PKM. There is a 1 in 500 chance that your PKM will be a Shiny.

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